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A Spa Holiday in the Himalayas

11 Dec A Spa Holiday in the Himalayas

If you are one such individual who leads a stressful and fast paced life, then a spa holiday in the Himalayas will do wonders to relax and rejuvenate you. While you have a choice of destinations, why not go the undiscovered route to Allita Hotels & Resorts, a luxury boutique spa establishment in Kurseong, Darjeeling.

As you arrive at Bagdogra Airport, it is approximately an hour and a half’s journey to this little hamlet in the queen of hills. Driving up the steep and windy hills, you will see lush green tea gardens and sloping valleys. The view, no doubt, is stunning!

So, what makes the Spa experience at Allita special?

The word that accurately describes the Spa experience at Allita is authenticity. They stick to the ancient concept and philosophy of Ayurveda. With their skilled and expert masseurs, the attention to detail amidst the serenity of the environment, takes your breath away.

A Favourite Spa Treatment

For those who lead hectic lives, the Ayurvedic Rejuvenatiion Spa focusses on the stress aspect and helps balance and bring down their levels. The experience is truly uplifting. A particularly recommended treatment is the Siorodhara where warm, herbal oil is poured on to your forehead. This takes you in a complete state of relaxation and balances your nervous system. You can actually switch off your brain and go in to a semi-conscious state.

A Recommended Activity

Yoga is definitely a recommended activity following a spa treatment. If you are into yoga, then an early morning session of basic yoga movements. Focus on deep breathing in combination with mind and body movements will take you into a state of spirituality. Overlooking the foothills, a spa treatment in unison with a yoga session is the ultimate bliss that you are seeking.

Balance this out with the Right Food

The resort serves delicious yet healthy food that is the perfect indulging point that you need during your spa holiday. With the freshest of produce picked from the Chef’s garden, the meals complimented my mental state in pureequilibrium. With a range of teas to choose from, it leaves you feeling refreshed and de-stressed totally.

The spa retreat is something that everyone should experience at least once a year, to balance out their busy, hectic schedules. Allita Hotels & Resorts is picture-perfect for solo travelers, couples and families who wish to have that peaceful and detoxified holiday.


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