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    Safety, Hygiene & Physical Distancing

    8 May Safety, Hygiene & Physical Distancing

    Steps taken at Allita Hotel & Resorts to combat COVID-19

    Allita Hotels & Resort’s highest priority is the health, safety and welfare of our guests and team members.

    In response to the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the latest advice and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities.

    We are monitoring the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak closely and collecting all the relevant information from government notifications, medical authorities and verified sources adhering to protocols from material experts.

    We would like to update you on the new health and hygiene initiatives, we have developed to give our guests peace of mind for future stays. We are strictly abiding by these precautionary hygiene and safety measures across all areas of the hotel:

    • Fully sanitized car for pick up and drop (optional on advance booking).

    • Rigorous cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms. There are advanced and modified cleaning procedures and disinfection of guest room facilities including carpet, air-conditioning, and bathroom air intake vents, etc., further strengthening the cleanliness regime.

    • Frequent sanitization of high-contact points, such as elevator buttons, door handles, reception counters, bathrooms and conference rooms.

    • Provision of free masks for our employees and guests on arrival.

    • Thermal scanning of resident and non-resident guests and our associates are taken at the doorway of the hotel.

    • Fully sanitized rooms with a minimum 24 hours vacancy prior to check-in is ensured to provide a safe, clean and comfortable experience.

    • Sterilization and disinfection of the restaurants and kitchen areas including cooking utensils and tableware. All guidelines from WHO and FSSAI for food and beverage production and service are being strictly followed to maintain the desired hygiene standards across all areas.

    • Regular training of our employees ensuring proper hand hygiene and awareness of COVID-19. We conduct daily meetings with our employees to review any relevant situation. Allita Hotel and Resorts is in constant communication with the relevant health and travel authorities to keep our guests and employees updated and to advise them on appropriate measures to observe.

    While we appeal to all guests and staff members to stay extra cautious and take all necessary precautions to curtail the spread of this infection, we also strive to do everything in our capacity for your safety and wellbeing as it is our utmost priority.

    Looking forward to welcoming you,

    Team Allita Hotels and Resorts.

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