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    Your Super Checklist when travelling to the Mountains

    11 Dec Your Super Checklist when travelling to the Mountains

    If you travelling to the mountains, then you definitely welcome the clear air, misty hills and the slow pace of life. However, to make sure that your holiday is enjoyable and hassle-free, have your super checklist of essential travel items ready to pack in your suitcase.


    Warm clothes:

    Warm clothes are a mustas it is the most important travel accessory in your packing list for your mountain holiday. Before you leave, check the average expected temperatures during your stay. The idea is the have layers of warm clothing that can cover you from head to toe. Ensure that the warm clothing that you carry is comfortable. Have a knit cap and a scarf in the suitcase as it may be super cold. Thermals are also a good option to have as it can trap the heat underneath the clothes.

    Checklist When Travelling to Mountains


    When you travel, packing a first aid kit is an absolute must. Climbing rocky slopes and battling extreme temperatures, you must be additional cautious with your health.If you are prone to motion sickness, it is bound to worsen as you travel up or down the winding mountain roads. Altitude sickness is also common condition that many may encounter. Ensure that you carry all the appropriate medications to combat that.


    The right kind of shoes will help protect your feet against the chilly weather. It is best to buy thick shoes that are able withstand steep slopes. If you intend to do some climbing, then invest in spike boots. If your mountain destination is expected to get snow fall, then pack a pair of snow boots that will prevent you from slipping.



    You skin may have a tendency to dry out in the cold temperature. Have moisturizers, body lotions and lip balms as part of travel accessories. The direct rays of the sun can damage your skin at high altitudes. Remember to pack a good sunscreen lotion to minimize tanning and avert the possibility of developing skin cancer.

    Emergency food:

    It is always advisable to carry emergency food in the form of dry snacks or packets of biscuits in case you get stuck when hiking on mountain trails. This is also recommended especially if you are travelling with young children you may get hungry and cannot wait for you to get to a restaurant at all.


    Flashlight is a critical item that most travelers forget to have on their super checklist. Power cuts are common in hill stations in India. If you intend to travel post sundown, always carry a traditional flashlight with you. Even though modern smartphones have flashlight apps, but the battery may run out and a traditional flashlight can save the day.

    Having a super checklist for you next trip to the mountains is the best way to ensure that you have smooth and fulfilling holiday.


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