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Experience Allita

Experience Allita

There is much more to explore at Allita to enjoy your perfect vacation. Experience a host of unique activities full of fun and frolic to make the most out of your retreat.

Local Culinary Experience - Allita

Local Culinary Experience

Enjoy a delightful local Nepalese Cuisine experience with our specially crafted four-course menu.
Keep the Local cultural dance and family activities same as now.

Just For Two - Allita

Just For Two

Romantic dining experience under the stars with light romantic music and a 4-course menu.

Chef Garden - Allita

Chef Garden

Experience Allita’s Chef Garden and be swarmed into the aromatic infusion of fresh herbs, perennial flowers and organic vegetables growing under the expert care of Mr Bhitrikoty. Walk into this little nursery to get tempted to try gardening as a life altering experience.

Family / Group Activities - Allita

Family / Group Activities

Shed the inhibitions and take to singing with the Karaoke act which is accompanied by live piano.

Local Cultural Dance and Games - Allita

Local Cultural Dance and Games

The local music, dance and games is a must try in Kurseong, Darjeeling . Impressive to the core, the Lepcha Community’s cultural traditions are intoxicating yet soothing to the nerves.

Spiritual Awakening - Allita

Spiritual Awakening

Our hotel has a religious history of Gods and Goddesses that dates back to over 300 years. Be a part of morning arti being performed at Krishna Mandir & Satkanya Mandir.
Personalized Puja /Havan at the temple can be performed.