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    Enjoy Your Next Vacation at Kurseong and Create Memories Forever

    29 Jan Enjoy Your Next Vacation at Kurseong and Create Memories Forever

    Are you stressed out and feeling that a short break from your day-to-day routine is just right at the moment? Then, why not plan a holiday with your family? This will help you to relax and provide you the much-needed break that you were just yearning for. There are many nearby holiday destinations so you can pick up any one and head over without wasting any more time. But, choosing the best place is a little bit confusing and hence you are taking some time in making your choice.

    You decided to talk over to other members of your family and one of them suggested that you visit Kurseong this time. But before finally choosing this place you should be aware of the fact why is Kurseong considered to be the ultimate holiday destination in West Bengal. You can read below and enhance your knowledge as to why this is considered to be the best destination for tourists like you.
    Kurseong – A Holiday Paradise for the Tourists

    • Kurseong is one place which is definitely worth visit because it allows one to explore untrodden paths and discover peace and calm. It allows the tourists to embark on the adventurous journey into the world of trekking on one hand, and on the other hand one can also create lovely memories with one’s sweetheart. 
    • Allita is strategically located on the beautiful foothills of Kurseong, Darjeeling Upper Giddha Pahar Ashram Busty. 3 KM drive from the Kurseong, Darjeeling Toy Train Station. Bagdogra Airport is 35 km. 
    • One of the main reasons why lots of people visit Kurseong is that it has many viewpoints which offer amazing views of the landscapes, snow peaks and tea gardens. The tea gardens are widely known for various brands of mild, strong and herbal teas. You can sip the local flavor which is sure to recharge you. Yet another attraction at these tea gardens is that it allows you to attend tea picking and tasting sessions throughout the year.
    • Kurseong is just the place to be if you want to create a perfect situation for enjoying with your partner. It is an ideal romantic getaway for the two of you. You can stay at Allita Hotels & Resorts and order a surprise treat for your partner. Allita Hotels is well-known for crafting out the best surprise treats. Just organize a special treat and see how happy your special person will be with this small gesture of yours.
    • Another great reason for the ever-growing popularity of Kurseong amongst the tourists is that it offers a great hiking experience. These hiking sessions will provide you with an experience like never before. It allows the tourists to take back with them beautiful memories of knowing this town on a personal level.
    • Are you interested in checking out wild life? Then Kurseong offers you the best opportunity to do so. You can sign up for a jungle safari and experience the fun of seeing the wild animals. So, this safari is considered as an animal lover’s delight and hence a growing number of animal lovers just turn up at Kurseong to enjoy this wildlife experience.

    So, by now you must have got a good idea as to why Kurseong is the ultimate holiday destination in West Bengal. Now, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, just pack your bags and visit Kurseong for that short vacation and come back feeling refreshed to get back to your routine life.

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