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    Exploring Dow Hill

    12 Oct Exploring Dow Hill

    Dow hills in Kurseong is one of the most scenic vistas in West Bengal, with its forested hills, orchid bushes and wildlife. If you are planning a holiday to Kurseong, you should not give Dow Hills a miss. Here’s what your itinerary should include:


    Dow Hill:

    The hamlet of Kurseong is spread across many hills and mountains. Dow hills is probably one of the most beautiful of them all. Dense forest covers a large portion of the hills. In fact, locals have sighted leopards in some parts of the forest, although there have been no known attacks on humans. The bird life along with its flora and fauna is something that no traveler to these parts should forgo.

    Apart from the hills, there are a number of attractions in and around Dow hills:

    Exploring Dow Hill

    Dow Hill Park:

    The Dow Hill Park was initially called Deer Park as many deer’s in and around these parts had made it their home. Alas, with deforestation over the years, deer sightings are now a rarity. A large fenced area in the adjacent forest is still one of the places where deers may be occasionally sighted. However, tourists are not allowed to venture into the forest and may only look at the deers from outside the fenced area.

    The Dow Hill Park is a fenced park, not very large and is located on top of Dow hills. There are number of hedges and plantations surrounding the park. To sit and relax, the park has a small gazebo. Children can enjoy themselves in the playground with slides and swings.

    Dow Hill Forest Museum:

    The Dow Hill Forest Museum is a big, two storied building with multiple exhibits on the plantation and wildlife of the region. The museum is open daily and has been recently renovated.

    Dow Hill Forest Rest House:

    The Dow Hill Forest Rest House is located near the Dow Hill Forest Museum and can be booked through the Forest Department in Kurseong. Wildlife enthusiasts who wish to experience nature and the dense surroundings of the Dhupi forest can choose to book a stay here. Adjoining the rest house is a lovely garden with flowering plantations and pine trees.

    Exploring Dow Hill

    Dow Hill Water Reservoir:

    Another tourist attraction in the area is the large reservoir located downhill that stores rain water. This water is used as a water source for many of Kurseong’s sub-divisions. The water reservoir has a picturesque setting, encircled by blossoming pine and coniferous trees. There is a popular picnic spot at an elevated level that is popular with both tourists and locals and gives great view of the water reservoir.


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