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    The Best Time to Visit Darjeeling &Kurseong

    1 Feb The Best Time to Visit Darjeeling &Kurseong

    Welcoming you to a totally different altitude is life is the challenging Himalayan lands of Darjeeling and Kurseong. With their abundance of purity that arouses that peaceful awakening within you, these destinations are complete eye openers, taking your breath away with every glimpse of their undulating landscape. For some, a getaway in the ‘Queen of the Hills’ have been known to create that jolt of enlightenment within their souls. Offering a kaleidoscope of the Himalayan culture, Darjeeling and Kurseong are intermingled with beautiful scenery along with theirbreathtakingmountain ranges with scenic passes and an incrediblearray of flora andwildlife.

    Those adventurous enough to embark on this mystical journey of discovery, exploring Darjeeling and Kurseong will bring them in contact with its exquisite natural beauty. For the brave hearts, there is the trekking trails that culminates in fantastic views of the mountains. For the cultural and religious, there are the Buddhist monasteries and the colonial churches that have been standing on these lands for hundreds of years. The snow-clad peaks offer a panoramic view that seems straight out of a picture postcard. This is, no doubt, a welcome relief from the every day hustle bustle of city life.

    Darjeeling Cathedral Church

    Best time to visit Darjeeling and Kurseong:

    Located right next to Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kurseong are two of the most well-known hill stations in West Bengal. It is a truly remarkable experience exploring both these hill stations, especially between March and May or October and mid-December.

    Between March to May is the time when travelers can witness the blossoming spring that embellishes the natural beauty of these two destinations. It also brings with it, clear views of the Himalayan ranges. A trip to these hill stations from October to December will bring in those chills as you enjoy that hot cup of Darjeeling tea.



    Darjeeling does not have an airport. Therefore, the nearest airport to these prominent hill stations in Bagdogra in Siliguri. For those wanting to go on the nostalgia journey making their way to Kurseong and Darjeeling on the Indian Railways, then you stop is New Jalpaiguri. Once you reach either of these destinations, you have to make your way up on the winding mountain roads.

    Darjeeling and Kurseong is one of kind trip to the north of Bengal, under the shadows of the third highest peak in the world, the mighty Kanchenjunga. A place of exceptional beauty, poise of nature, excitement, adventure, spirituality andtranquility, Darjeeling and Kurseong should be on every nature lovers bucket list.


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