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    Top 2 Best Places for Hiking in India

    1 Feb Top 2 Best Places for Hiking in India

    India is a country of varied terrains – backwaters, deserts, marshes, the tropics, snowfall, etc. And with the right mix of elements, adventure tourism is on the rise amongst nature lovers, eco tourists and adventure enthusiasts. So, if it is hiking that interests you, then its all about finding the right trail.

    The experience of the entire journey depends a lot on the serenity of the surroundings and the element of challenge of the trails. In fact, India has some of the best hiking trails that boasts of a wildlife glimpse that few have witnessedfirst hand.

    So, let’s find out which are the best places for hiking in India:


    Tiger Hills in Darjeeling

    A prominent tourist destination in Darjeeling, West Bengal, Tiger hills offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayas in east India. Filled with romance, Tiger hills for those seeking a bit of adventure is one of the most attractive places to hike in this region. Even those with little or no hiking experience may give it a shot.

    The tranquility of the environment, its picturesque nature is what makes the journey romantic and worthwhile. The best times to try the hikes is at dawn or dusk. If you are an expert hiker, you may make it all the way up to Ghoom.


    Against a serene backdrop, Ghoom is a little hamlet locate about 6kms from Darjeeling. During the tourist season, thousands of people climb up the hill to visit the famous Ghum Monastery. If visiting in the early winter months, tourists can get a glimpse of the mountain glow with its multitude of colours as the sun rays kisses the snow caped peaks of the Himalayas.

    As you make your way up the hike trail, take a look at the tea plantations around you. As you reach your destination, catch the beauty of the Himalayas and Kanchenjenga in the backdrop.

    Kurseong Trek

    Located close to Darjeeling, the Kurseongtreak leads the hiker a little far away from the city through the Old Military Road. This trail is considered to be one of the best in the continents. Do not be afraid to take on this trail even if you are first time hiker. The entire hike takes approximately a day to complete that starts from Darjeeling and finishes in Kurseong through the picture postcard route.


    As you hike through the Old Military Road on the Kurseong trek, you make you way past a 20th century Buddhist monastery, coffee plantations, tea gardens and several other notable attractions. Take a little bit of time off the hike and spend moment of peace in this wonderful monastery that was built post the First World War symbolizing the purpose of stopping anymore wars in the world. The trail boasts of coffee plantations that are just perfect for photo ops. Take a sip and energize yourself as you keep hiking on.

    If your hiking skills are good, then take the slopes of the narrow passages that also has many of the prominent tea estates that makes Kurseong a global name in tea production. Otherwise, continue your journey on the Old Military Road till you reach the end goal.

    Apart from Darjeeling and Kurseong, there are several other hiking trails that are equally well-known. If you are already in to planning your next hiking holiday, consider the Singhalia Ridge Trail of Darjeeling, Grand Indrahar Pass of Himachal Pradesh, Araku Valley trek of Andhra Pradesh, Seven Sisters Trek, Roopkund Trek and Chadar Trek.


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