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    Top 5 places to visit in Kurseong

    4 Apr Top 5 places to visit in Kurseong

    If you are craving for a holiday where you can perch atop a hill station with fresh breeze greeting you everywhere and bright and vivid sceneries rolling in front of your eyes, then head straight to Kurseong. Kurseong- the land of white orchids is a place worth a vacation says tourists who have visited there. Kurseong is a sub-division of Darjeeling district, it gained importance when the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Toy Train services was extended to Kurseong in August 1880, What started as a hamlet has now become a fast emerging holiday destination. Kurseong is renowned for its offbeat nature and it’s famous tea plantations. It offers a plethora of activities like trekking, walking, and bird watching and is a perfect destination for inbound travelers.

    Kurseong is a preeminent hill station getaway, especially, for those who are seeking a peaceful hill stay with picturesque surrounding. Here are some of the gorgeous spots to visit in Kurseong.

    • Ambotia Shiva Temple

    Cuddled within an extensive ocean of tea leaves the delightful Ambotia Shiva temple is a very significant place of worship in Kurseong. This temple is adored not just for its piety but also for the glorious views of the tea estates. Devotees visit the temple for a refreshing outlook on life, loaded with the blessings of lord Shiva. The scenic beauty and the titillating scent of the orange orchards have enough punch to rejuvenate your energy and spirits.

    • Eagle’s Craig

    As the name implies, Eagles Craig offers a bird’s eye view of Kurseong. Situated on top of the hill, it takes a 25 minutes trek through the amazing and scenic roads to reach the top.Once you reach the top, you can find beautifully maintained garden with trimmed hedges and colorful flowers. A watch tower is built adjacent to the garden to provide a clearer view of the entire hills. You can find a small monument built in the remembrance of the Gorkha soldiers in the shape of an altar with a knife on it. You will be lured to visit Eagle’s Craig due to its lovely ambience. The fresh breeze, lofty green hills will act as that magic potion that will revitalize your energy.

    • Deer Park / Dow Hill

    Regarded as one of the major tourist attractions in Kurseong, the Deer Park sits on top of the Dow Hills and houses many deer that you will find grazing around freely. The park provides a playground with swings and slides for the enjoyment of young children. If you want to get carried away with the enchanting company of the gentle deer along with the scenic backdrop then be sure to visit this captivating Deer Park in Kurseong.

    • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Museum.

    Formerly the abode of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose- The Patriot of Patriots, the place has now been converted into a fascinating museum for people celebrate the life of the great freedom fighter. You can see the furniture used by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It is from here where he wrote many letters, articles, and spellbinding speeches during the harrowing times of the independence movement. You will find a lot of such letters that are displayed along with other artifacts which reflects on the life this great leader .

    Makaibari Tea Estate:

    Visit to Kurseong cannot be complete without visiting the tea estates. Makaibari Tea estate is the oldest and the most famous tea estate in the district. You need to travel a few kilometers from Kurseong, but every extra miles that you travel is worth every penny. The energizing smell of tea will taunt your olfactory nerves and every breath that you take; you will find a refreshing aroma of tea invading your body. You will find a plethora of tea varieties. You can learn from the horse’s mouth regarding the processing of tea, and taste the energy in every corner of this estate. It is difficult not to fall in love with these estates, and the lush green forests in the panoramic setting of the snow-clad mountains.

    The best time to visit Kurseong is March to mid June, and September to December. It is not recommended to visit the place during the monsoon. July has the heaviest rainfall at an average of 896 mm. December is the direst season with virtually no rainfall. Due to low altitude Kurseong’s temperature remains mild and temperate for most part of the year. The average temperature varies from about 10 degrees Celsius in December to about 25 degrees Celsius in August.

    If you are looking for a destination in East and North East India which offers scintillating tea plantation experience, offering awesome views of the mighty Kanchenjunga, and pleasant climate throughout the year with excellent ambience for walks and treks then Kuresong should top your priority list. Visit Kuresong to indulge yourself in the fresh, rejuvenating breeze to help you to revitalize your energies while you stay in Kurseong. You will really enjoy the scenic beauties and love the fondly experience for a long time.



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