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    Top 5 reasons to visit and stay at Allita hotels and resorts

    4 Mar Top 5 reasons to visit and stay at Allita hotels and resorts

    Allita, set amidst the lush greenery of Himalayan ranges, is the best hotel and resort of Darjeeling, Kurseong. The magnificent beauty of Allita in itself is an attraction for tourists. Allita is a tranquil setup with incredible views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Being mindful of the sheer beauty and serenity of Kurseong, below are the five reasons to stay at Allita to tour Kurseong

    Local Attractions

    Allita, being located on the summits of the stunning Kurseong, Darjeeling offers amazing viewpoints to the visitors like Dow Hill, Eagle’s Crag, and Sherpa’s peak. Dow Hill is famous for its dense forests with towering pine trees. Eagle’s Crag offers an observation tower, where one can have a majestic view of the valleys. The most eye-catching spot in Kurseong is Sherpa’s peak, which is the nearest to Allita. A five minutes walk from Allita will lead you to Sherpa’s Peak, where you can enjoy the sight of those mesmerizing floating clouds in the valleys. Another enthralling tourists spot is Makaibari, the tea gardens, where the visitors can witness tea picking and can also taste various brands of teas. The tea estates of Kurseong are a paradise for all the tea lovers.


    Experience the breathtaking scenes of mountains and hills, while staying at Allita, located at the tips of the Sivalik ranges. Surrounded by white orchids, Allita gives you a panoramic view of mother nature, spectacular view of mountains and valleys, which would rejuvenate your mind and soul, breaking the monotony of your daily life, and giving you memories for life.

    Picturesque Atmosphere

    Amidst the bird’s eye view of nature, Allita remains the ultimate holiday destination for visitors to experience the charm and tranquillity of the Himalayas. The pleasant ambiance which surrounds Allita is soothing for the patrons unlike the intense crowd in the other places, which ruins the engrossment. Allita is a perfect and ideal holiday gateway for family and friends to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kurseong.

    Outdoor Activities

    While staying in Allita and relaxing in the lap of mother nature, one can explore the pretty far-reaching sights while hiking. Drinking exotic tea while enjoying the view of the Himalayan region is one of the most delightful activities, that you would experience while staying at Allita. Also, one can enjoy local music and food along with other games to underline the holiday cheer.


    The patrons can explore local temples, heritage churches for an aesthetically spiritual feeling. Excursion spot like Forest Museum exhibits the extinct fauna of Dow Hill. The one who loves nature will feel at home here. The famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum has sketches and miniatures of various trains and it also operates toy trains. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose once had a temporary residence in Kurseong, which is now known as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Museum, where his belongings are preserved forever. For the shopping lovers, the market is in a walking distance from Allita. One can easily buy the local produce, especially the tea leaves from the market. In addition to these, one can also behold the beautiful culture of Kurseong and its people.

    Allita is worth every penny as you experience real inner peace, and is a one-stop destination of happiness. The architecture of Allita has a picturesque surrounding, which makes it stand out as it has the capability of turning your dream holiday into a reality. In addition to what has already been said about Allita and its perks, the hotel firmly prioritizes the health and safety of its guests.

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