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    What is the Unique Experience of Hill Resort?

    28 Jul What is the Unique Experience of Hill Resort?

    Nothing -portrays the blend of luxury and adventure like ditching the intense tropical heat and vacationing in the mighty Himalayas! So, I decided to head to the Himalayan city of Darjeeling for a weekend escapade with my college buddies after the final exams of our fourth semester this summer. This was indeed a refreshing and a much awaited break after a month of intense preparation for our examinations.

    We boarded a flight from Kolkata, our home town, to Bagdogra and landed in the city an hour later. We had already scheduled a pick-up from the airport with our hotel in Darjeeling. On arrival, we had smooth check-in and the next thing we knew, we dropped our luggage and headed out to explore the city. We visited the ‘duars’ of Darjeeling, which were the Mecca for us tea fanatics. The aroma of the famous ‘Darjeeling Tea’ coupled with the sight of the verdant pruned bushes was a welcoming delight after the journey. Our next stop was the enchanting Zang Dhok Palri Phodang monastery where we stopped for some tranquil time. After some moments of soul searching, we decided to bring out our love for water and adventure and moved straight to Teesta for white water rafting.

    By this time, dusk had set in and the night was growing young. Fatigued by the day’s activities, we decided to head back to our hotel. I shared the room with two of my friends. What was nice about these rooms was that they offered enchanting views of the mighty Himalayas. Our crazy chit chats coupled with the warmth of the cozy fireplace of the room kept the night alive! The appetizing and authentic Himalayan recipes prepared by our hotel’s chefs kept the conversation going. From soupy thukpa to mouth-watering Aloo tama bodi, it was a very different dining experience for us all. We finished our day’s adventure on a high note by participating in the bonfire organized by our hotel at night. From singing the latest songs to pulling pranks on each other and heartfelt conversations, this was surely a night to remember.

    From chilling with my friends and combating the exam stress to exploring offbeat locations in the lap of the majestic Himalayas to enjoying our stay at the hotel, this trip brought with it quite a few memorable anecdotes. But while exploring the city was fun, our experience at the hotel was equally unique. Beautiful mountain views, waking up to the cooing of the Himalayan birds, having nutritious Himalayan delicacies, chilling by the fireplace in the room and gathering near the bonfire – this was one novel hill resort experience for all of us!

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